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30 June 2014 @ 11:27 pm
03 March 2010 @ 09:48 pm
See you for ....


I'm looking up at the stained sky
so my tears don't well up and fall.
Why can't people live
as they wish
I don't want a weak heart that can't cry
or the strength not to cry.

It rains, I look through the window of our Tokyo’s flat. She must be somewhere, lying on the couch looking at the TV. I’m in my bedroom looking at the rain outside, it’s the afternoon. I keep to look at when I’m took by a silly idea. I take my keys, my umbrella and leave my room.

“ I’m gonna have a walk. “

“ Oh ok ... What ? Under the rain ? “

“ Yes dear, why ? “

“ Nothing ... you have your cellphone with you ? “

“ Yes. “

“ Then have a good walk dear.” She smiles to me and I leave the flat. I get out of the building and start to walk, randomly through the street. There is a park near here. The rain makes me feel sad and happy in the same time. Sad because I realize that I’m lonely, no love in my life. It can sound weird but this is what I feel when the rain falls. Happy because ... I don’t know. Maybe I will find love under the rain .... baka me ... fairytale aren’t for me anymore. My whishes don’t become true, and I think I don’t even hope anymore. But why I can’t find what I want, it’s unfair.

I'll search for a shooting
star to cast my wishes on, but
dawn is coming too soon
and I won't be able to find one.

I keep to walk, until I react the park. Nobody is there, of course who would be enough crazy to have a walk under the hard rain except myself ??!! I walk through the park, I feel fine right now. I stop in front of the small lake and just look at it under the rain. The rain falls on, making plots when it comes in contact with the lake.
I find myself smiling softly. I must be silly to smile because of the rain. I move up my hand and let the rain soak it, I like the sensation of the rain falling on my hand.

There's never a day that I have
to remember you because
I never for a moment forgot you.

Hey ... seems I’m not the only one under the rain. That’s means that someone else is as crazy than me ?!
No ! More crazy than me, at least I have an umbrella ! I wonder who is enough crazy to be there.
I start to walk toward that person. It seems it’s a man. I don’t want to disturb him, he seems so ... deep in his thoughts.
I keep to look at the lake.

“ Hi. “

I jump of fear.

“ Hi. “

“ You’re not japanese. “ I restrain myself to burst in laughter, at least he is not blind.

“ No I’m not. “

“ Where are you from ? “

“ Oh ... France. “

“ Oh ... why are you there ? “

“ Hu ? “

“ Oh sorry I’m too curious. “

“ No. “ I smile.

“ Ok. “ He smiles back.

“ I’m at Uni here, for a scholarship. I’m with my bestfriend. “

“ Oh great. I mean, it must be great for you. “

“ Yes it is. “

“ Can I know your name ? “

I look at him a bit stunned, I thought that japanese were shy like hell !!!

“ No. “

“ Ok. “

“ And you ? “

He just smiles gently to me.

Whenever I'm sad I have
a habit of saying I'm ok.
After something stopped
that day, no matter
how much I pray,
I can't see a single star.

“ Then how are you ? “

How I am ...

“ Fine. And you ? “

“ Fine too, it rains today, then I‘m fine. “

I can’t restrain myself to smile.

“ You’re as weird than me. “

I turn to him.

“ Why ? “

“ You’re under the rain. “

“ Yes but I have an umbrella. “

“ True. “ He laughs.

I move and share mine with him.

“ Oh thank you but I think it’s too late I’m soak like hell. “

“ Oh sorry. “

“ Naaa it’s my fault. “

“... you’re english is very good, I mean ... “

“ Thank you. It was the only thing I was interested by at school. “ I look at him smiling, I love to see him smiling, he is so soft when he smiles.

I want to see you, I want to see you.
Your smiling face in my memory is
just too kind.

“ Haha I understand, school can be so boring, most of the time we learn things that we won’t use after, or things we don’t even understand. “

“ Yes .... seems the rain stop to fall, it’s sad. “

I look at him.

There's never a day that I have
to remember you because
I never for a moment forgot you.

“ Yes sad. “ I remove my umbrella and close it.

“ Hey it still rains ! “

“ I would like to profit of the last drops. “ I laugh a bit.

“ Ok ... plus now I can see you correctly. “ He smiles. I feel myself blushing a bit.

Well when I said last drops .... I start to be as soaked as him. Hope I won’t fall sick !

“ Seems I’m almost as soaked as you now. “

“ Yes, I hope you won’t fall sick. “

“ I hope too. “

“ Ok, I will go to home now. I have to dry myself. “ He keeps to smile.

“ Ok, I will too. She will kill me if she sees me soaked like this. “

“ She ? “

“ My bestfriend. “

“ Oh ok .... blah at least she takes care of you. “

“ You have nobody to take care of you ? “ I smile.

“ No ... I haven’t ... never. “ He stops to smile.

“.... I’m sorry, I didn’t want to hurt you I’m sorry. “

“ You couldn’t know. Don’t worry. “

“ Sorry. “

“ Ok then have a good day. “ He turns and start to walk.

I want to see you, I want to see you.
Your smiling face in my memory is
just too kind.

“ Hey ! “

“ Yes. “ He turns back.

“ Have a good day. “

“ Thank you. “ I see him smiling again, I love it. I turn and walk to my flat.

“ Hey ! “

“ Yes. “

“ See you for the next rain. “ I look at him a bit surprised but smile and nod, he makes the same before we leave the place.
08 October 2009 @ 07:29 pm
SOOM gave me a great headache ...... no really, I think they either lose their mind or abused of illegal drugs ......

I'm almost on the edge to yell : BOTH ...

Those bastards -_- ..... the site work like shit, all is wonderful ^w^

They really should watch their ass, some special BJD pop out everywhere => Zion-Medusa ! ..... NOPE not LUTS .... Luts is a joke and a bad one, their Abasomething is CHEAP, badly made, and quite ugly, I was more excited to see WIP pictures than the final result LOL I dun even know what I could do with if someone would be enough stupid first to buy that and second to give it to me ;-; .... there is surely extra room under my bed lol

The 10% fees for layaway, they will lose customers, except rich bitch of course, because for those paying a 1400$ doll it does a lot a fee if you calculate all ...... even for me it would be 36 $ to pay .... if they apply this to my order I kill them and sue them ! Those who think it is for canceled order .... hey they already keep 25% .... that's damn enough, the layaway fee cover NOTHING except put more money in their wallets, I call this being thief !

Anyway SOOM should really take a breath and stop their foolishness -_- and fix that damn SITE ....... they announce nothing and it is the big festival, a mess, you can spend hours before to find something, all don't show up correctly and of course nothing work, board, order status ....

Won't even speak about the NO order surprise when you check your Order Status, you can see it if you click : Old blablabla ... funny you post one thing everybody spread the news -_-

Won't even speak about Idealian .... I never laugh that hard .... so stupid -_-

Anyway Soom shouldn't be doing new ugly sites at last not until the end of Sphaler sale but hurry their ass to produce their fucking dolls !
29 August 2009 @ 11:28 pm
Away until 7sept. ^w^

Anjin, \\ ^o^ ^o^ // <= cheerleader dance for you to stand work ;-;

*scratch head*

Jen-chan, \\ ^o^ ^o^ // <= I think it could be useful for you and your work as well lol

I WORK ON TUESDAY 8 AND WEDNESDAY 9 .... almost forget tuesday so I write it here and I gave wrong date to the woman, it's 9th wednesday and not 10th lol

Miss my bunny ;-;

28 February 2006 @ 11:45 pm
Deadly claris #2

EDIT : Toshiya and Shinya are there.

Deadly hereCollapse )
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